Looking for a place to worship?.....Grace Matters!

...a place to learn and grow?.....Grace Matters!

...a place to build friendships?.....Grace Matters!

...a place to make a difference?.....Grace Matters!

...a place to share your talents?.....Grace Matters! 


First of all, where is Grace located? 

We have a beautiful 4 acre campus, right on NE 8th Street in downtown Bellevue. We are just a couple of blocks west of Bellevue Square, at 9625 NE 8th Street, and can be reached by the 271 bus (directions). We have many buildings, gardens, and playgrounds among our facilities. If you are interested in holding meetings or other events at Grace, more information is available at Space Usage at Grace. We are proud to be a community center for West Bellevue as well as a church.






















 What time is the service?

Service is held at 10 am every Sunday morning followed by fellowship in the Fireside Room and then Christian Education at 11:20 am (education is during school year only). Please check our calendar on our website for up-to-date times and events. There are special services throughout the year, so watch the church calendar.


What groups are there to join?

There is a book/lecture study at 10 am every Tuesday in the church library. There is also a book club on the 4th Thursday of the month from 10-11:30 am in the library called "Books, Talk, & Tea" (not during summer). There is a quilting group on Wednesdays (check calendar for details). There is a vocal choir and a bell choir that you can join as well (choirs are year-round).


What do I need to have in order to receive communion?

Absolutely nothing; We practice "open communion" at Grace and so all are welcome to Christ's table to receive the meal of forgiveness, grace, and hope.


How does the service work? 

Our service starts with opening music and prayer and then two readings from the Bible. The next reading that will happen is the reading from one of the Gospels. After the gospel is read, our Pastor provides us with sermon, or message for the day.  After that it is time for lifting prayers to God and then celebrating communion. After communion, there is a blessing and closing music.  Please join us for coffee and conversation after the service.


How should I act in church?

At Grace Lutheran, all are welcome in worship.  We are pleased to have children join us in worship and there are activity areas for children in our sanctuary. We invite you to come-as-you-are in casual dress. Do you have young ones who may need a break during service? Just a few steps away from the pews is a quiet, comfortable family lounge with soft toys, puzzles, crayons and paper, and a rocking chair. You won't miss a thing because there are speakers bringing the service to you. Also, our sanctuary has two gender-neutral restrooms with baby changing stations in both.


What is Lutheranism?

It is a form of Christianity that was started in the 1500s by Martin Luther. We follow the teachings of Luther which is principally that we are saved by faith alone, not our actions. Much more information is available at the national ELCA website and the website for our local Northwest Washington Synod. 


What facilities does the church have?

Grace has many types of facilities.  In addition to our sanctuary, we have an administration building with a hospitality room and a library, a fellowship hall with classrooms that houses our Quilting group, and a separate education building that houses the Bellevue Discovery Center for Early Childhood EducationOutdoors we have a beautiful columbarium and Prayer Garden as well as a playground and sportcourt and a community p-patch garden.


Does Grace Lutheran have service opportunities?

Yes, Grace members contribute in the community in many ways. Among them are: helping the Sophia Way (helping homeless women) and Congregations for the Homeless (helping homeless men). You can get involved in these groups by cooking meals and/or serving meals when they stay at our church. There are several other service opportunities as well, serving people of all ages and walks of life. If you have a passion, we can match you with a service opportunity.


How old is Grace?

Grace’s congregation was started in 1948. It has been in its current location since 1962. More about the History of Grace Lutheran.


Who is the leader of the congregation or pastor?

Our pastor is the Reverend Veronica Smith.


Other staff?

Our Music Director is David Ash and our Office Manager is Beth Friesner. 


Who is on the Congregational Council?

Kris Brown

Ruth Dodge, Secretary

Marilyn Hansen

Chester Haugland

Eva Mader, Vice President

Sarah Peterson, President

Betty Reimer

Ron Ryan

Treasurer: Danna Anderson

Financial Secretary: Merrilee Kipfer