The Bellevue Discovery Center for Early Childhood Education opened at its new location on the campus of Grace Lutheran Church in September of 2012. and on Facebook:


Part of the mission of Bellevue Discovery Preschool is to: Foster understanding in our community of the educational, social and emotional needs of highly capable young children.

Parents of highly capable young children sometimes need support in knowing how to raise and educate their children. Families with highly capable children want to know:

  • Why does my child seem different from the other children his/her age?
  • Will my child be challenged in school?
  • Why does my child feel things so strongly?
  • What school style will fit my child?
  • Why is it that, while in the middle of talking with me like an adult, my child melts down because he can’t get the cap back on his pen?
  • How do I help my child who has both gifts and significant challenges? (ADHD, Aspergers, sensory integration issues)
  • When will my highly capable toddler start sleeping through the night?
  • What is better for my child: “inquiry-based” gifted education or the traditional teacher-directed education I grew up with?
  • Where can I meet other families with highly capable children from my cultural group?
  • How can I help my child live up to her/his full potential?

They offer the following services to families, teachers, and other professionals who are raising, educating, working with and enjoying the joys and challenges of young highly capable children.

Community Education at Bellevue Discovery: Offering parent support groups, seminars, educational consulting and parent coaching to local families with highly capable children, and to community members who seek information about young gifted children.

Seminars: Bellevue Discovery Center holds informational seminars about young gifted children and school placement for highly capable children. Seminar topics have included:

  • Characteristics of Young Gifted Children
  • Your Child’s Temperament
  • School Placement for Highly Capable Children

Consulting Services: For educational consulting and parent coaching focused on gifted children

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Bellevue Discovery Center for Early Childhood Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization