Grace Lutheran Church is situated on an amazingly beautiful and serene 4 acre campus in West Bellevue. Just four blocks west of Bellevue Square mall on NE 8th Street. Grace's facilities--in addition to the main worship space--include a fellowship hall, education building, playground, sport court, community garden, prayer garden, library, education space and an administration building. If you are interested in holding meetings or other events at Grace, more information is available at Space Usage at Grace.



The main sanctuary (church) building as seen
from inside (left) and from the center of campus (right).  Entrance to the church is on the south side of the building, so in the center of campus--facing the children's playground--and not on the street side. Admin building and Fireside Room are to the right (east) of church when you facing the church entrance.


 Children's Playground


Fellowship space
in Pearson Hall 
 Community "p-patch" Garden


 and the Prayer Garden