Service is held at 10 am every Sunday morning and there is an education hour after the service and fellowship time, starting at 11:20 (except during the summer). Please check our calendar for up-to-date times and events. 

We practice "open communion" at Grace and so all are welcome to Christ's table to receive the meal of forgiveness, grace, and hope. If you would rather not receive the bread and wine, you may certainly remain in your seat or come forward to simply receive a blessing. You have the choice to receive the wine by individual or common cup. Wine is red and grape juice--should you prefer it--is white. Gluten-free wafers are available as well.

This is how our service looks: First there is opening music and prayer and then two readings from the Bible. The next reading that will happen is the reading from one of the Gospels. After the gospel is read, our Pastor provides us with sermon, or message for the day.  After that it is time for lifting prayers to God and then celebrating communion. After communion, there is a blessing and closing music.  

Please join us for coffee and conversation during fellowship time in the Fireside Room after the service.